Sunday, April 29, 2012


     This weekend I went to the WPCTE. It ws my first conference and difinitely won't be my last! Suzanne and I presented on Mutimodal learning and ways to teach it. Multmodal is a way to incorperate other modes into learning. A lot of what we did in Writing for Nonprint was multimodal, such as the podcast, or the 20 shot film. In YAL, the vessel project for A Single Shard  and the charcter symbols for Witness was also a form of multimodal project. It's important to do project thats includ these becuase students remember things better when they are actively involved with the subject.
     So, back to the conference. It was great getting to see allthe other presentations and talking with other teachers. I got somegreat ideas for when I get my own class and it opened my eyes to some rising issues I didn't really see before. It was nice being around teachers and future teachers. It was great to ger out there and be involved in the world of teaching. I definitely want to go to more conferences.
     It was also really refeshing to be around everyone. My roommates are elementary education majors and they always tell me how bad high schoolers are going to be and how thy don't understand why I want to teach it. It was so nice hearing other people who are passionate about the same thing as me, and letting me know how great it is going to turn out. It made me a lot more excited to get into my career, even just going to field.

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