Friday, May 4, 2012


     Overlapping is a term I learned in Educational Psychology that I feel will really help with classroom management. It is being able to effectively handle and supervise several on going things in the classroom.Teaching a classroom effectively is a key factor in managing a classroom. We discussed ideas on how to do this and show the class that as the teacher we are aware of all activities going on, good or bad, also referred to as withitness. One of the ways I remember discussing is extremely simple, and everyone can do it. Simply going up to the student's desk who is misbehaving and stand there with your hand on his or her desk. Just the awarness that you are present and near is intemadating enough. I remember teachers doing this to me, and as soon as thy came up to my desk, I stopped doing whatever I was doing and did what I was supposed to do. The teacher continues to teaching while standing near the student. There are many more ideas on how to do this, but this one seemed very simple and did not disrupt the class in the least. Another idea that was discussed was having a card system. There are two yellow warning cards and one red trouble card. Without stoping, placing a card on the students' desk allows them to understand what theyare doing wrong while still continuing the lesson. Any other ideas for how to do this?

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